Stage Specifications and Technical Rider  
  All questions and approval must go through
David Rigamer: 504.495.3524 or Kent Birkle: 504.450.7677
  24' wide by 16' deep (Minimum size required)  

If Louisiana Spice brings their own backline the Band will only need a XLR line for Key Mon. Mix 5, Drum Mon. Mix 8, and the center Lead Vocal Mon. Mix 2.

  Front of House Control
  The front of house console should be capable of accommodating all microphones, line, effects returns playback inputs in input channels. The console should be 32 channel and should have a  4 band sweepable EQ and a minimum of 8 aux sends of which 4  should be switchable  pre-post fade. Louisiana Spice does travel with their own Front of House engineer.  
  Front of House Effects

Louisiana Spice requires the following effects and processing:

  • 1 Stereo Graphic EQ for mains
  • 4 Gates - Drawmer, BSS, Aphex
  • 8 Compressors -  Drawmer, BSS, ART pro VLA
  • 2 Reverbs - Yamaha SPX, Rev 500, Rev 7
  • 1 Delay - Lexicon PCM 42
  • 1 Compact disc player
  Monitor System
  • Minimum 16 Channel monitor console with at least 8 monitor mixes.
  • Louisiana Spice requires a minimum 8 wedges; all wedges must be 12/2” or 15/2” drivers bi-amped and of good quality. Sound quality is more important than output.
  • Four mixes across the front. Two mixes for the horns, One Drum mix, One Key mix.
Louisiana Spice may bring In-Ear monitors so that Two mixes will only require a XLR line to feed those personal monitor systems. Also the Keyboard mix may require only a XLR line to feed into the Keyboard mixer Louisiana Spice will provide.
Louisiana Spice requires 3 wireless UHF handheld mics, with round base straight stands. Louisiana Spice may bring a wireless UHF rack which will provide mics for the three Vocals and all four Horns.
  Lighting System

Stage must be a minimum of 24' wide by 16' deep, at least 12" high and extremely sturdy and smooth. Three 8' wide by 6' deep by 12" high risers for Drums & Keyboards.

  Power Requirements
  When Louisiana Spice brings their own sound reinforcement and lighting systems, a 50 amp service disconnect is preferred. In the event a disconnect is unavailable, 4 separate 30 amp single phase standard Edison plugs are required. When sound and light system is provided by another vendor Louisiana Spice will require a minimum 6 standard Edison plugs for stage backline.  
  Back Line

When Louisiana Spice is NOT bringing their own backline the following will be required:

  • 1 Drum set - must be 5-piece with hi-hat, 2 crash and 1ride. (Yamaha, DW, Premier)
  • 1 Bass rig must be 1 - 4x10" and 1 - 1x15" cabinet with 500 watt head. (Ampeg, Hartke, GK)
  • 1 Fender Twin guitar amp
  • 1 Johnson guitar amp
  • 1 Kurzweil 88 key electric piano
  • 1 Yamaha EX5
  • 1 heavy duty two tier stand and key throne seat.
  • 1 Bag of assorted percussion instruments (tambourines, clave', shakers, cowbell, etc.)
  • 4 music stands with lights



Type Of Stand


1 Kick Drum Beta 52/m88 Small boom Compressor/Gate
2 Snare Drum audix D1/ m422 Rim mount Gate
3 Hi-Hat condenser sm81 Small boom  
4 Rack Tom audix D2/m420 Rim mount Gate
5 Rack Tom audix D2/m420 Rim mount Gate
6 Rack Tom audix D2/m420 Rim mount Gate
7 Floor Tom audix D2/m420 Rim mount Gate
8 Percussion DI Box    
9 Overhead condenser sm81 Boom  
10 Overhead condenser sm81 Boom  
11 Bass DI Box   Compressed
12 Keys Left DI Box    
13 Keys Right DI Box    
14 Guitar stage R sm57 Small Boom  
15 Guitar stage L- right Direct input xlr    
16 Guitar stage L- left Direct input xlr    
17 Trombone Beta 52/m88/57 Boom  
18 Sax/Clarinet 421/sm98/58 Boom  
19 Trumpet sm98/57/58 Boom  
20 Trumpet sm98/57/58 Boom  
21 Guitar vocals Beta 58/58 Boom Compressed
22 Female vocals Beta 87 UHF Straight round Compressed
23 Male vocals Beta 87 UHF Straight round Compressed
24 Female vocals Beta 87 UHF Straight round Compressed
25 Keys vocals beta 58/58 Boom  
26 FX 1- left      
27 FX 1- right      
28 FX 2- left      
29 FX 2- right      
30 FX 3 - Delay      
31 CD      
32 CD      
  Mains left/right     Compressed
  Horn Sub Group     Compressed